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Questions? Ask a Rogaine® Brand Pro

1-800-ROGAINE (1-800-764-2463) Click here for details.


Questions? Ask a Rogaine® Brand Pro

Call to speak to a Rogaine® Brand Pro specifically trained on Rogaine® brand products offered for sale in Canada.

We provide general product and educational information and cannot provide medical or healthcare advice. If you need medical advice, please consult your physician or pharmacist.

1-800-ROGAINE (1-800-764-2463)


Close-up of hair follicle

Beautiful hair isn’t a mystery, it’s a science. Get the scoop on how Women’s ROGAINE® Foam works to regrow hair.
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Women’s ROGAINE® Foam is available in Canada without a prescription!<sup>‡</sup>

Exception include Quebec, where it is available behind-the-counter from the pharmacist and without a prescription.